About This Collection

For five weeks The Wolf In Me traveled relentlessly throughout Europe and Turkey in search of beautiful, unique & 100% handmade gems. This journey included: Amsterdam, Farmlands of  Nijkerk, Belgium, Istanbul, Kutahya, Antalya, Cappadocia, Poland oh and a quick pit stop in Berlin. 
While traveling, this collection evolved from just fashion accessories to accessories for both body & home. Along the way we were privileged to connect with amazing artisans, family shop owners, and independent vendors. Often times we spent hours with artisans/shop owners learning, watching as they create & sharing stories.  A few shop owners even invited us to work along side them and we happily accepted! 
As the owner of The Wolf In Me, I can honestly say, I am proud of what we accomplished. This collection represents the values which are and will continue to be the foundation of The Wolf In Me: quality, uniqueness, support for artists & small brands, connecting cultures, fair trade, freedom and lots of LOVE. Each and every piece was hand selected by me with love.
I'm excited to share this collection and journey with each of you.  My hope is at the very least you'll leave this site with a smile and maybe even a little inspiration. For those who are able to & choose to shop with us, THANK YOU...your support means more than you can imagine!!
With appreciation, gratitude & love, 
~ The Wolf In Me
P.S. The 4 legged beauty in the pic, his name is Wolf. We met on a farm in Nijkerk. For more about Wolf and the inspiration I received while staying on the farm, check out The Wolf In Me - Travel Diaries (coming soon)!