Our Story | The Wolf In Me


I would like to start off by thanking you for being here with me, offering part of your precious time to learn more about The Wolf In Me. I would like to introduce you to myself and to my brand.

My name is Tonya Harley, the owner of The Wolf In Me. This brand is a platform, I created which offers a limited collection of handmade accessories for the body, home and kids. Each piece at The Wolf In Me is hand-selected by me, from select makers and brands across the globe and from local artists in my home town of NYC. What inspires my selection process is quality, culture, human touch and creativity. The foundational belief for this brand is that shopping should be about love and intention, rather than a series of transactions and mass production.

 The Wolf In Me was birthed in 2018 after my seventeen-year career in creative higher education came to an end. I decided to let my heart take the lead, forgo the familiar path and channel the “wolf” in me to actually build something meaningful in an organic way. I trusted the dots would connect if I tuned into the things which set my soul on fire. I truly loved working for and with creative minds and helping artists promote their creative talents to the world. I have always had an eye for beauty and quality; maybe it’s the Taurus in me.  Being comprised of six different nationalities myself, I am passionate in the belief - ALL cultures and humans are connected. My intention is to give people a meaningful alternative to accessorizing their worlds. In addition, I want to give makers and brands another platform for their creations to be recognized and celebrated.

I’m building this brand for those who are looking for a different way to express themselves through style and fashion. For the woman who is inspired by travel and other cultures, but for now she may be happily focused on building her career or possibly caring for her family. For the individual who is tired of buying massed produced, poor-quality, meaningless merchandise. For those who want to feel connected to something bigger when making a purchase. For the woman who has tapped into her heart and her wild. This brand is for those who believe in the power of human touch. For those who want to accessorize their worlds with beautiful creations based on intention and love. This brand is for The Wolf In Me and The Wolf In YOU!

photo by wolves.realm

Within the next year, my goal is to develop deeper relationships with the makers & brands I’m already working with from Mexico, Turkey, West Africa and NYC.  To continue to discover new artists & brands who use their hands to create beautiful quality pieces for your home, body and children. Lastly, I am currently researching for non-profits both globally and locally to contribute to in order for the The Wolf In Me to give back in a meaningful and intentional way.

I genuinely thank you for taking the time to read through The Wolf in Me’s story and vision. I would love to connect with you if you have any questions, suggestions, or general feedback! tonya@thewolfinme.com

With love & gratitude,