Welcome The Wolf In Me Shop. Email thewolfinmeshop@gmail.com if you need assistance
Welcome The Wolf In Me Shop. Email thewolfinmeshop@gmail.com if you need assistance


Hello and welcome! My name is Tonya, owner of The Wolf In Me. I'd like to start off by thanking you for sharing a piece of your day and giving me the opportunity to share my story with you! 


 The Wolf In Me is a carefully curated marketplace. All treasures found on The Wolf In Me are crafted by independent brands and makers and are selected with intention. In order to provide you with the best quality I ask questions, LOTS of questions!
  • How and where are the products made?
  • Is this something I would personally use and/or gift?  
  • Are the ingredients (if applicable) all natural?
  • Who are the humans behind the brand and/or product and why should people believe in them?
  • What's their story and what do they stand for?
Questions like these are ALWAYS asked and answered prior to selection. My goal is to provide you with special and often unique finds, you're sure to love & appreciate. 



The Wolf In Me was birthed in 2018 after my seventeen-year career in creative higher education came to an end. I decided to let my heart take the lead, forgo the familiar path and channel the “wolf” in me to organically build something meaningful. I trusted the dots would connect if I tuned into the things which set my soul on fire. I truly loved working for and with creative minds and helping artists promote their talents. I have always had an eye for beauty and quality; maybe it’s the Taurus in me. Being comprised of six different nationalities myself, I am passionate in the belief - ALL cultures and humans are connected. My intention is to give people a meaningful alternative to accessorizing their worlds. In addition, I want to give makers and brands another platform for their creations to be recognized and celebrated.

Once again thank you for stopping by. Wishing you more magical filled moments!

With love & gratitude,