Product Information

Vintage Accessories: The Wolf In Me curates both new and vintage accessories Vintage pieces are labeled accordingly in product descriptions. Handmade vintage pieces are perfectly imperfect. The authenticity of time can cause minor signs of discoloration, fading and wear. Vintage pieces tell a unique story which continues to get better with age. All vintage pieces are priced accordingly and should be cared for properly. 

Vintage Textiles: Vintage textiles are handmade, they are not factory/machine made pieces. Imperfections, wear consistent with age and other variations may be present and are considered normal.

What is Kilim: Kilim is in a class of its own. Kilim is a type of flatweave technique using wool. Weavers use their hands, looms and beating combs to create one-of-a-kind timeless tapestries.  

Caring for Kilim: Kilim rugs can be swept or vacuumed. When vacuuming avoid fridge and use light suction on both sides. All Kilim home décor can be can be spot treated. Make a solution using warm water, organic carpet shampoo and white vinegar. Apply solution with a brush using vertical strokes.