4oz | Soy Candle | Aquelarre | Coven – The Wolf In Me

4oz | Soy Candle | Aquelarre | Coven


Aquelarre translation Coven

Make your space cozy with aromas crafted to lead you to the warmth and magic of the present moment. Each Flor De Venus candle is hand-crafted with all-natural soy & infused with the finest ingredients found in nature. 

Perfect For | New & Full Moon Rituals. Intention Setting. Releasing. Manifesting.  Fire Signs -  Leo, Aries and Sagittarius 

Aroma | Cozy. Warm. Heavenly 

Natural Goodness | Florals, Fern & Patchouli 

Burn Time | 20-30 hrs

Size | 4oz. travel size 

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